Altered Books

Altering pages and books is one of my passions. I ignore the shrieks of horror as I rip pages from old tomes, mash them into pulp for papier mache, and cut shadow boxes into glued manuals.

aaArt_exhibition_1997_edite aaArt_exhibition_1999_edite aaArt_exhibition_2001_edite aaArt_exhibition_2004_edite gGreen_Bottom_Ripple history_book

Green Bottom Ripple (2009)

History book (2009)


Decorated books

SANY1954_0605 SANY1959_0610 SANY1967_0618 SANY1952_0603 SANY1957_0608

I only use old books which I source from junk shops, charity shops and car boot sales. These books are often falling apart anyway, so I am giving them a new lease of life as an artwork.

altered book altered book 2009-12-07_0327

Theatre book


Facebook (2009)

stitched book2 two-books2 hans andersen book

'Vase' books (2012)