Collage and drawing

collage collage2 collage3 lb st francis milk churn rust

These three canvas collages are made from scrap pieces of material and paper, stamped on, sewn, painted, glued etc etc. On canvas.

Death of St Francis (SOLD)

Originally a picture from a book, I added torn pages of text and music, stamps, gold leaf and a red wash.

Milk Churn

This is an early project I completed for a college course in 2004. Materials used include  tissuepaper, cardboard, and hessian sacking.


I laid tissue paper over found objects (an old door hinge, coins) and then added paint.

box-detail collage1-Edit collage2-Edit

A detail from a collage made with magazine cuttings and found objects. This was created inside a cigar box.

Cupcake (above); The Painter (right)

Magazine collage

hand orange hand green

A simple and fun doodling technique