MAVA may or may not be an

art movement started by

Nom de Plume

in Yorkshire, England,

October 2017.


Taking influences from DADA, conceptual art, existentialism, revolution and nihilism, MAVA poses deadly serious dialectical theories about the status of fine art within a gluttonous capitalism amid the anthroposcenic globalisation of nothing.


Is this art or is art this?


MAVA creates non-art in order to promote thinking about thinking.


Thinking about art

and arting about thinking.










eba1 this is 16 this is 144 aeb

awake english breakfast

artified by NdeP, J ZZ, TS and SN.

Plinthed by NdeP and JZZ

This is Art sign by NdeP


Potato with child  (S Newman)


Floor art by J ZZ


ndeo Speech blue large

Nom de Plume at A Woman's Place

Abbey House Museum, Kirkstall, Leeds

Until Dec 31 2018

What is MAVA?

awp Info here bulletin mava

At the start of the second year of the MA in

Visual Arts, Five artists met in the canteen

following a lecture and discussion on image


On the table where they were sitting, someone

had left a teabag which had been squeezed and

rolled on top of a white plastic cup lid. A snapped wooden stirrer had been poked into the

drinking hole.

Contextualising this found art, it was suggested

that the stirrer represented the back pain

suffered by tea leaf pickers. After a discussion

it was decided to take it to the MA studio space

and place it on a plinth.

bulletin mava 2 hope

Collage, photoshop


S Newman/Nom de Plume

Jan 2018


tia jzz jzzz

Mavaists would communicate with each other by creating notes and then sending them digitally via social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Right - the note sent by Nom de Plume in attempt to rally MAVA supporters to follow the DADAist cause. The notes on the right were sent in reply by JZZ.

card march

MAVA protest

Nom de Plume Jan 2018




Sept-Dec 2017

Protest and Buy

It started with a tea bag.


The second year of the MA visual arts group consisted of five artists.

Among them was Nom de Plume who suggested that the 100th (or thereabouts) anniversary of DADA could prompt a new art 'movement' or non movement to address the absurd validity of art in the current social and political climate.

Initially conceived as having a core of five - or V - members of  the Visual Arts course, the early arts were created by two focal  artists NdeP and JZZ, although several artists and thinkers were peripherally active. Sam N produced 'Potato with Child' and JZZ created 'This is Art' on the MA studio floor.

On this page:

Introducing MAVA

How MAVA came to exist

Timeline Sept-Dec 2018

Jan -Apr 2018

As the first semester evolved, NdeP began to experiment with the 'This is Art' statement which had become the MAVA manifesto. Using stencils made on a laser cutter, Photoshop and other media, Nom de Plume created digital images incorporating the themes of paper bags - representing anonymity; protest and revolution; social and political issues; word play; fine art and so on ad infinitum. (Was existentialism included?)

This is art


Jan-Apr 2018

This is art


Nom de Plume developed the MAVA themes using a variety of resources.

this is 14

MAVA is a post post-modern

modern art anti-art movement

and/or revolution.

An amalgam of algorithms

MAVA is an MA visual arts project.

Or not, as the case may be.


berlin wall 2 darker tint photo edge in memory of dada WITH MAVA MAVA art