MAVA may or may not be an

art movement started by

Nom de Plume

in Yorkshire, England,

October 2017.


MAVA poses deadly serious dialectical questions about the status of fine art as gluttonous capitalism eats itself amid the

anthroposcenic globalisation


of nothing.


Is this art or is this art? Is this the fundamental question?

MAVA creates non-art in order to promote thinking about thinking.


Thinking about art

and arting about thinking.










eba1 this is 14 this is 16 this is 144 aeb

awake english breakfast

artified by NdeP, J ZZ, TS and SN.

Plinthed by NdeP and JZZ


Potato with child  (S Newman)



Floor art by J ZZ


ndeo Speech blue large

Nom de Plume at A Woman's Place

Abbey House Museum, Kirkstall, Leeds

Until Dec 31 2018



awp Info here bulletin mava

100 years after DADA, NdeP rallied fellow Master of Arts

students in a bid to start a new art movement to address the

absurd validity of art in the current social and political climate.

Initially conceived as having a core of five - or V - members of

the Visual Arts course, the early arts were created by two focal

artists NdeP and JZZ, although several artists and thinkers were peripherally active.

bulletin mava 2 MAVA art MAVA art hope samngrim

Collage, photoshop


S Newman/Nom de Plume

Jan 2018


tia jzz jzzz

Mavaists would communicate with each other by creating notes and then sending them digitally via social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Above left is the note sent by Nom de Plume in attempt to rally MAVA supporters to follow the DADAist cause. The notes on the right were sent in reply by JZZ.

card march

MAVA protest

Nom de Plume Jan 2018




It is time for MAVA to

Protest and Buy