Nearly 20  years ago I was given a present of a watercolour set. I had    loved drawing and painting from an early age into my late teens but felt overshadowed by my brother who was brilliant at art and I decided to go into journalism instead (but that's another story).

 I ventured into dabbling in with watercolours for a while and crammed in two-hour free painting sessions at an art club once a week while husband looked after baby.

Following an Art Access course in 2005-7 I discovered the joys of creative textiles and went on to experiment with manipulating fibres and fabrics - burning, melting, scorching - anything but cross stitch.

 I went on to explore a wide media of art and craft - altered books, polymer clay, felt making (needle and wet), collage, scrap, recycling,

and more. This interest led me to run a variety of workshops for members of the community in the Bradford and Leeds districts.

 In 2013 I started a degree in Visual Arts at Bradford College of Art. As I come to the last few months of my study, I am building up a studio-based assemblage of my work and my accumulated collection of junk, bric-a-brac, found art, charity shop and car boot finds, broken toys ....


Many of the items featured on these pages have since been

re-imagined, re-incorporated and re-born into new visual artworks.






HMiB march 2013 (8)flowers

Flicking through one of my many books on alterered books, I came across kusudama - an easy-to-make origami flower.

kusudama4 DSCF0291

'Library'. Scrap and recycled bits and pieces - buttons, tiles, painted and dyed papers, jewellery oddments, and wooden tubes  from Scrap Magic in Bradford.

fallen angel baby heads

I have dabbled in numerous genres and styles, including mixed media, painting (oil, ink, acrylics, watercolour), ceramics, polyfusion, textile art, assemblage, printmaking, land art and more.

bp street collage2-Edit DSC_0118-2 blobdoodle6