Above: The fourth print from the laser-cut etching. Below, the original drawing

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I got a lot of positive comments about the picture, drawn on cartridge paper with pen and ink, and decided to try turning it into a drypoint print.

First, I took a photograph of the original drawing. This was saved on a usb and transferred to the software for a laser cutter.

I used etching to raster the image on to a piece of acetate. This I then inked up using oil-based black ink - a procedure which involves covering the image then wiping the ink off using newsprint, scrim and butter muslin.

The plate is then layered with the prepared paper (soaked and blotted), a metal plate, blankets and tissue paper, and passed through the printing press.

One plate such as the etching can be used numerous times to create a run of prints.


Print and

doodle art

otley coloured otley doodle

In 2015 I drew a picture of Otley and filled it in with doodles. The scene features the clock tower, the Buttercross market and with a touch of artistic licence, the Chevin and the White House.

The first drawing I did of Otley centre, scanned into Photoshop and coloured.

Below are some more of my 'doodle drawings'.

DSC_0118-2 DSC_0122-2 DSC_0116-2 skipton canal otley print

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DSC_0128-2 DSC_0128-2