art is nothing

nothing is art


art is anything

anything is art


art is something

something is art


art is everything

everything is art


nothing is art

art is nothing


anthing is art

art is anything


something is art

art is something


everything is art

art is everything


this is 1

Events and


Water fountain.

1 week


This is art

NdeP attempted to spread the 'this is art' MAVA manifesto by subversive stickering. This was achieved by placing 'This is art' manifesto stickers in various places and monitoring where possible how long they remained in place (or were removed).



Car park barrier.

Still there but rain has washed it to faded red lettering

DSC_1153 DSC_1134 rail raiul2 l

Light switch

art college corridor

2 days

Random places. Nothing exciting.

ivor2 JC

Not only did MAVA's NdeP and JZZ experience Jake Chapman talking about - well, everything really; they also encountered Ivor, the chap above.

Ivor was not allowed to take his 'THIS IS NOT ART' placard into the lecture theatre at the art college.


Proof, if you needed it, that nothing is art and art is nothing.

Jake Chapman at Leeds Art University

October 2017

Turner Prize winner Lubaina Himid

at Hull Ferens Gallery

December 2017

lub2 lub lub4 lub3

With the Turner Prize now open to over 50 year olds, it was great to see Lubaina Himid, 63, win the award on December 5. On a college trip to Hull the day after, Nom de Plume managed to congratulate Lubaina briefly while she was being photographed and also photobombed one shot (above).


Liverpool thing

bd girder mona vg

Is this art ... this is art

EA flag bank Untitled-7 this is 2

On flaky paint patch

college toilets

4 days